Please join us Sunday June 4th from 3p – 5p at Ola La! Ijorere 51 S Spring St. Elgin, IL 60120 (free covered parking) for an exclusive book launch event to meet Karen Lee Kelly (me) the author of “Angels on Your Pillow” the first in a series of angel adventures.

Light refreshments will be served and personalized copies of “Angels on Your Pillow” will be available at 16.95 ea. Please RSVP at or call me at 847.987.AOYP (2697) NOTE: Space is limited so reserve your spot now. Hope to see you there! KLK


A Girl Named Grace by Karen Lee Kelly

Grace walked before us this morning, pausing as she noticed that Winston and I may soon be following directly behind her. She was petite with black hair; I liked the color of her jacket and her matching striped scarf. Grace watched me stop for a moment while I...

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Karen Meets Karen

Happy summer everyone! I mentioned in last month’s blog that after a couple of challenging setbacks, I was blessed to have Karen Light of Studio Light Illustration come into my creative process—and life! She is an extremely talented artist, teacher and life coach; she...

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The Strongest Man in the World

The strongest man in the world has many trophies but they are not made of bronze, silver or gold. They do not sit atop a shelf nor are they neatly aligned in a glass display case. His trophies are living loving memories in the hearts of the thousands of people that he...

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LGBTQ and More Letters we Need to Learn

Gone are the days when being gay or “queer” was a curiosity or scandalous… The days when we didn’t know of any people who were “that way” in our own lives. The estimates are that about 10% of our population is gay. So, if you don’t think you know a gay person, you...

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Jennifer Sanchez: WISE Woman

This month we have the opportunity to get to know Jennifer Sanchez. Like the rest of us, there are many facets that make her up, but there is one guiding principle that she believes that makes her life expand out from a strong central point. And her life—as well as...

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New Year, New Spending Plan

Like many of you, at the start of a New Year, I try to take a fresh look at the way that money flows in and out of my hands. Taking a conscious look at it might help me make better choices with things like the food I buy and eat. I reached out to my friend Tina Curtis...

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