This month we have the opportunity to get to know Jennifer Sanchez. Like the rest of us, there are many facets that make her up, but there is one guiding principle that she believes that makes her life expand out from a strong central point. And her life—as well as her actions—continue expanding out in wondrous ways!

We know Jennifer through her work with social media. Before she focused in on that and created her own business, she was the marketing director for a non-profit vocational training school for years. She put her creativity to use helping the organization recruit students and clients. With the previous governor’s spending cuts, the school couldn’t afford her position and had to lay her off. Even though to most people this might have seemed a disappointing and devastating time, Jennifer actually took it as a new challenge and opportunity.

Well, Jennifer had worked for other marketing agencies and had even run a business of her own, so it didn’t take long for her to muster the courage to follow her strengths and form her own social media business helping business owners with this ever-changing, challenging piece to the marketing puzzle. Jennifer is a natural at social media but knew she had to develop and hone other skills too. She went to the Illinois Media School to learn the latest radio & TV broadcasting, live streaming, media production, digital media and video editing. This gave her access to media personalities and platforms. It got the creative wheels spinning, and Jennifer was able to realize a goal of hers. She now works with many individuals and entities like JJR Marketing out of Naperville.

You’ll really hear the excitement in her voice when Jennifer talks about WISE: Women’s Institute of Self-Development and Efficacy. Looking back, she never would have predicted that she would end up helping other women. She knew she wanted to help others but didn’t know exactly how. Her young life was full of challenges and failures. Her marriage was difficult. But she was able to tune into her core values and started to work on herself from the center out. Jennifer was blessed to be coached at a young age by many seasoned entrepreneurial women. “Sometimes you need mentors and coaches to surround you and show you what your life can really become and that your life does not need to be just mediocre. We go to a university to get knowledge for a job but where do we go when we need to learn about managing life and the challenges it comes with. As minorities, we really don’t have as many supportive professional communities, but I was privileged to establish healthy relationships with women who wanted to see me thrive.”

Change didn’t happen overnight, but by working on who she was and her closest relationships, she got stronger and wiser and her life got better. Putting compassion and effort into herself had an effect on her husband too. He didn’t begrudge her for taking time for herself. He started to become a more well-rounded person too. She said that, “It has made our relationship twenty times better!” She started to feel so good and healthy and blessings started manifesting in her life. “My cup runneth over,” she said. She just knew that it was time to help others. “I realized my true purpose once I began to work on all areas of my life, and faith was a big component. It would be selfish of me to not share the information I discovered with other women so they too can have transformative and joyful lives.”

So, she created WISE based on the tools that worked for her through years of education, training, mentorship, and coaching. For Jennifer, WISE represents wisdom and excellence. Women who are involved with the WISE organization are looking to enhance their current lives and feel satisfaction in their day to day. WISE is like a tree that branches out into wonderful avenues. Every month on Saturday, there is a mastermind meeting with a different theme that resonates with working women. But there is also a free book club that meets virtually (all books about personal and professional development). WISE has also business networking events that meet quarterly. A staple of the organization is the one-on-one coaching and the 12-week virtual training program. There is even a women’s retreat once a year.

“Many women get lost and we forget who we are and what we are on earth for. We don’t realize the value we bring to our circles and networks, but once we work on ourselves internally, then everything becomes clearer and we become stronger. We can voice or wants and desires and have greater success in life.”

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Come to one of WISE’s events or just meet Jennifer and other cool women on March 14th at 6:00 p.m. for a women’s business networking event.