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Meet the author of “Angels on Your Pillow”, Karen Lee Kelly. Enjoy refreshments, raffle prizes, share your angel stories. With every book purchase through this invite or on the day of the event you will receive a FREE special edition “Angels on Your Pillow” cloth book bag. Giving back is important to us so a portion of all “Angels on Your Pillow” book sales will be donate to local charities. Plenty of free parking nearby but space at the venue is limited so reserve your tickets now!

Could a feather sticking out of a pillow be from an angel’s wing? Maybe the entire pillow is filled with angels? Angels on Your Pillow is a picture book for all ages about an inquisitive child with unanswered questions about angels.

Angels on Your Pillow
Picture Book

…While the family sleeps our young adventurer awakens and partakes in a moonlit search looking for her angels. The child mistakes a feather from her pillow for an angel and suddenly there are feathers everywhere even in the goldfish bowl with her fish Bubbles and Sushi. Guardian angels are all around her but cannot be seen! They blow whistles and wave flags and flashlights to no avail. In the end, the angels find a way to make sense of it all by leaving an acronym for the word ANGEL on the child’s chalkboard.

“Author Karen Kelly recently released her children’s illustrated picture book called “Angels on Your Pillow”, after realizing her dream of writing and publishing a book. It focuses on bringing awareness to pure unconditional love in a playful way. It was released at the end of 2016.”

NCTV 17 By Liz Spencer.



Karen Kelly Releases ANGELS ON YOUR PILLOW

“Angels are the bridge that connect human beings to pure and unconditional love,” Kelly, of Hoffman Estates and president of the Schaumburg-based Confident Currency Inc.- dba ITEX in Chicagoland, says. “Much like the child’s inability to see angels surrounding her, we go through life without recognizing the importance and power that pure love has above everything else. Some of us fill the void with materialistic and indulgent behaviors. Others may feel unworthy and go through life punishing themselves. The truth is that each and everyone of us are loved more than we will ever know. When we allow ourselves to accept and welcome that reality, we achieve inner peace and become messengers of love ourselves.”



  1. David

    Fabulous book! We are giving one to our niece 🙂 Thanks KK!

  2. Sheila

    Such an adorable book! Can’t wait to give it to my granddaughter on her 1st birthday and begin the tradition of telling her she has angels on her pillow. Beautifully illustrated! I’ll be gifting it others soon too 🙂 Thanks, KK, for putting your dream on pages!


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