It all started in beginning of June when I made an, “Oh me and my ADD” (Attention Deficit Disorder) comment; I said it jokingly to a new friend/colleague who quickly replied “Oh I understand, I used to be just like you!” WHAT? I mean YES! WAIT… Was she that tuned in to me? Am I the last to know? I do have a crazy amount of energy and do a million things at a time, but isn’t that the way things are nowadays?

She told me about a CD she bought at a library sale called Driven to Distraction that is all about ADD, and now also ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). My head spun, as she said, “My life is so much easier and better now that I learned how to manage my ADHD. I have the CD in my car and will be happy to lend it to you.” “Sure, I’d love to borrow it,” rolled off my tongue as my brain ticked out thoughts like a PEZ dispenser.  I am neat and organized; that’s a plus right? I don’t want to be on medicine. I am not really hyper because I can meditate and focus inward. I can’t sit still. I am easily distracted; maybe this is why learning was hard for me in school; oh, that lady is wearing a pretty dress; why doesn’t the hostess of this restaurant clean the fingerprints off the revolving door? Who puts their fingers on the glass part anyway? It would be cool to get a brain scan but what if they make me go on medicine?  Tick, tick PEZ, PEZ.

Shortly after I listened to the CD, I made an appointment with AMITA Health Alexian Neurosciences Institute. My appointment was supposed to be on Monday July 22nd but I cancelled it because of Audra Schmeckpeper from Funky Blue Lotus (the closest person to God’s wisdom, great love, and abundance that I know). Audra is another person who, for the past four years, had a hand in getting my first book published and has been providing me with Chakra Energy Balancing Sessions and healing stone bracelets. I didn’t realize the extent of Audra’s expertise, and simply stating that Audra is helping me get centered and extract the best me from inside myself is an understatement. Audra Schmeckpeper is a game changer, a life changer, and a cure for ADHD in my case. Audra’s semi-precious gemstone jewelry business ties directly into her intuitive life coaching service. Audra’s gift is that she is able to help identify, see and hear patterns and habits along that blocking a person from living and sharing their gift with the world.

I can attest to this! I signed up for her 6 week coaching class and it has been enlightening since day one. I’ll tell you more about my experience with the class and then circle back to more about Audra and her business.

So, I have homework (that Audra calls my “own-work”) every morning for 30 days.

5 minutes of prayer (easy), empty my mind of all to-do’s for the day by listing them on a big piece of paper (easy), nature walk w/ dog (easy), sit alone for 30 minutes and do nothing (sooooo hard the first day), yoga or meditation (easy). BTW, I will do these things every day from now on not just for 30 days.

During the first week – Audra taught me to get off the merry-go-round of having so much to do, so many people to serve and the feeling that I always have to be busy. By day two, I was hooked and I love knowing that doing nothing is actually doing something really important.

Audra uses an acronym for the word STOP:





In the second week – I learned to slide on over to be in the driver’s seat of my life and that I control the speed of my car (meaning I control my flow and my own power). God made each of us perfect and we need to stop and let our energy align with the Higher Soul of our hearts (remember that God lives in our hearts). Besides the daily morning homework  “own-work” (that I totally enjoy) I learned how to set boundaries and limits on how much I give and how many “drop everythings” I allow to distract me. Audra had me pray about setting a schedule with set times to spend with my mom to work on my books, work on my ITEX business, learn new tech skills, volunteer etc… Well, Audra is two for two because I love being on the schedule that was hiding in my heart. I feel normal, I can focus and am more aware of messages and signs from God.

3rd week – We need nothingness to see the truth which is already in us. We have the answers within! We all need tools to help us stay in alignment with God and our true selves. We all need to create space in our hearts for the answers to be heard. Besides the first two weeks of homework (still loving them BTW) Audra told me to get out of my head and into my heart. She told me to build a secret garden in my heart (which I did, and it smells like flower blossoms and fresh cut grass on a warm sunny day). She gave me a book to read called A Course in Miracles. I am listening to the Carol Howe version daily on YouTube, and it is P O W E R F U L. We discussed why I may limit myself and feel guilty about having too much or being too successful and Audra said, “God wants us to live abundant lives filled with His great love for us.” Audra also said “a tree doesn’t just grow halfway because it doesn’t think it’s good enough to be a whole tree. God’s banquet is not just one pea and one carrot in a dish, there are chocolate fountains a story high and strawberries as big as your head and that His banquet is endless just like His love.” My brain has been rewired and fine-tuned into God on a higher level than before, and I love it! I will update my progress in future blogs and on my Angels on Your Pillow Facebook page.

Audra’s passion and gift for this is tangible and contagious.

She works with anyone who wants serious change and is excited to live their dream. The tie-in with the jewelry business works on two levels. She ties in the jewelry business with the coaching to help lock in the new thought process with the help of the healing properties—the gemstone’s healing energy. That along with visually looking at your wrist to aid in the process remembering… “Oh that’s right I’m in the process of change.”

She combines the two to help people transform their lives—helping break free from habitual patterns. By process of uncovering repetitive thoughts that are out of sync with their dream.

She does 6 week coaching every week to look at all of the places we block our success, and helps identify the areas in daily life we continue to remain stuck in old forms of thought, or unconscious patterns. It’s a process of total transformation.

She works with anyone who wants serious change and is excited to live their dream.

Her motto is “Good vibes only, you get to live the life you came to live!”

Check her out online. You could try her classes too. //