The strongest man in the world has many trophies but they are not made of bronze, silver or gold.

They do not sit atop a shelf nor are they neatly aligned in a glass display case.

His trophies are living loving memories in the hearts of the thousands of people that he has touched through a lifetime of giving.

The strongest man in the world has wealth that cannot be carried in a wallet or deposited in the bank.

His wealth is more valuable than the hope diamond and far to large to fit into Fort Knox.

His wealth is his knowledge, wisdom, determination and compassion.

He not only knows how to build structures but more importantly he knows how to build relationships.

The strongest man in the world is wise; he knows when to help and when to let someone learn by themselves, when to talk and when to listen.

Through pure determination and will he has vision and foresight; he sees the end result in his minds eye and then he makes it happen.

He is a generous giver never too tired or busy to lend a hand, an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

The strongest man in the world has worked hard all his life. He has the pride of knowing that he has always given his best and he gets his energy by doing good deeds for others.

If you could harness his energy he would become a beam of light that would shine from beyond our universe to heaven and back again. Perhaps that is why angels glow? I think they get their radiance from the strongest man in the world.

The strongest man in the world is a powerful, kind and honest leader who chooses to use his influence in a quite fashion. He does not need applause or accolades to carry on his life’s work. He is a perfect example of how God wants us to live and act.

The strongest man in the world enjoys laughter and singing, He is as gentle as a lamb, he cooks, cleans and bakes with the best of them and you should see him cut a rug!

The strongest man in the world is my dad, Jim Kramer, and I hope he knows how much he means to all of us (especially me) and how grateful I am to be his daughter.