Happy summer everyone!

I mentioned in last month’s blog that after a couple of challenging setbacks, I was blessed to have Karen Light of Studio Light Illustration come into my creative process—and life! She is an extremely talented artist, teacher and life coach; she uses simple the art of doodling on paper as a tool for her teaching and life coaching.

Karen wrote a book called Once Upon a Doodle. She is offering it free to my readers here //studiolightillustration.com/gifts

I recently took part in Karen Light’s online Zoom seminar called “Slooooow the Draw and found Karen to be a breath of fresh air and worthy of using my blog as her blank canvas to enlighten and delight you as much as she has enlightened and delighted me!

She was inspired to write a thank you letter to the doodle. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Dear Doodle,

This is a long overdue thank you letter.  First of all, thank you for all of those years of keeping me engaged during super boring classes.  You are so talented at helping me to stay awake and at allowing me to somehow absorb more information than I would have ever thought possible!

Thank you also for helping me to get all of these ideas out of my head and onto paper where I can see them, grow them and share them.  It never fails to amaze me how doodling one thing leads to so many more ideas and inspiration!

I will forever be grateful to you for playing such an important part in my work to overcome perfectionism.  By finding the courage to just share you with others, I found more joy in the process of making, satisfaction in being able to capture my ever-growing list of ideas and an increasing sense of inner peace as I grow in my ability to just be imperfectly and authentically me.

The response from other people is something I would have never imagined! Thank you for showing me how others resonate with the joy, connect with the authenticity and express gratitude to me for sharing it with them. Wow.

I am forever in debt to you for how you have helped me in the work I do with other people.  I have never met a kid or an adult who won’t do a quick doodle with me.  And the things they discover during this simple activity allows them to share themselves with me and others in a way they might now have been able to do otherwise.

Lastly, Doodle, I just want to thank you for the fun, the silliness, the play, the joy you bring into so many lives!  We tend to undervalue these things, especially as we grow older, but I think it can’t be valued enough.

Using all that you have taught me, I will keep sharing your good work with the world.  I will keep offering both online and in-person Doodle-Shops utilizing your amazing ability to lead people in self-discovery, curiosity, expression, inspiration and connection.  I have also written a story teaching people about your ways and inviting them to experience you for themselves!


One day, Doodle was born in the margin of a math worksheet when his best friend drew him with a purple pen. He and his best friend embark on adventures together as Doodle shows her all the ways he can be helpful. At the end, Doodle will invite you to experience the abundance of creativity and joy that can come when you play with doodling!