Before you read this, make sure you read the previous blog about how Jackie Camacho-Ruiz is able to make her dreams manifest. It’s important to be in tune with your own ambitions and ability to be of service to others. It will help you to show the young ones in your life how to do it. (And she demonstrates that stating a true intention—out loud—is over half the battle!)

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz is tuned in to what she does best, and she sets her sights on using her skills to help elevate others. When you hear her speak or read one of her books, you can feel her magic.

Yet, the real secret is that it’s not really magic at all. She wants us to know that we are all able to live our best lives and lift others up. As adults, we might have drowned out the vibration inside that is our heart’s language. We might have watched too much TV, or gotten distracted by others, and maybe listened to people who didn’t see the value in that. But children are still in tune with what they love to do. I’m sure you can already see what the little ones in your life are drawn to and what they excel at. That’s not to say that that will dictate what they should grow into. Yet, it’s important to allow them to feel that wonderful feeling of doing something that is their own special thing (or things!) Combine that with showing them the joy of helping others, and you are ready to support a happy, generous, growing person!

Seeing things through her daughter’s eyes reminds Jackie Camacho-Ruiz of the boundless wonder of childhood. After seeing the moon through a telescope for the first time, her 5-year-old daughter—full of pure joy and happiness, said that it, “Makes my heart beep.”

She loves this idea and now listens for “beeping hearts.” Jackie creates opportunities for encounters with young people. She did a tour in Mexico for the young people there. She touched the lives of over 3,000 people in three cities. At each city, she picked a young person whose heart was “beeping” the loudest to achieve their dream. After she came back to the US, she made it a point to support those three young people by helping them achieve one of their dreams, including giving a MAC computer to a young mom with a dream to become a graphic designer.

She also picks participants for her foundation and brings them to cultural experiences. She mentors them, giving them advice, providing them copies of her books to inspire them, talking to them about their dreams etc. She even hosts some of them at her house.

“There have been 81 young Latinas that have gone through the program, and each of them have implanted a mark in my heart. They are part of my family and will always be.”

Do you personally know people who are able to achieve wonderful things, help others, and therefore lead fulfilling lives? Gosh! Hang out with them as much as possible. Introduce them to your youngsters. Let them feel their energy, and then discuss it with them later.

There are many children’s books that encourage kids to reach for the stars and follow their heart. Read these books to the children in your life. Let them be doors opening their true ambitions to come through.

“And above all, show them endless love and acceptance. They will do wonderful things someday.”