Angels on Your Pillow

More than Just a Children’s Book ~ Meaningful for All Ages 

What does your guardian angel look like?

Well, why don’t you chat about it with the little ones in your life, and see if you can make a representation?

What a fabulous Christmas ornament or gift!

Before you start, think about the special qualities of the person whose angel you’re going to make. Do you think they would have a fun and silly angel? Would they need a big body-guard angel? Would they have an angel who likes the same things that they do? (Color, sport, music, outdoor activity?) Take a little time to get an image in your minds and then get out the supplies!

There are many ways to go with this. Grandmas have a knack for making angels out of clothes pins.

Here are a bunch of other possible items that you probably have already at home:



coffee filters

paper plates

popsicle sticks

sea shells










Get creative! What else could you use?


Make sure you’re ready to get a little messy. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t go exactly as planned. Keep your focus on the beautiful time you’re spending together conjuring and giving thanks to our guardian angels who work so hard for us. They will love it no matter what!

Either wrap it up and give it as gift or find a special spot on the Christmas tree where the angel can look down and watch all the wonderful Christmas festivities.


Merry Christmas!

Hope Angels on Your Pillow is one of your Christmas eve bedtime stories this year!