5 Star Rating in Children’s Books Category ~ Angels on Your Pillow Not Just a Book for Kids.

If a child learns at a young age that they are constantly supported and loved by God through their angels, they can go through life with an inner peace that will help them rise to countless challenges. They won’t lose their heads and feel adrift and scared. They will stay calm, knowing that they are not alone and have the ability to get through it. As adults, we might find visualization to be very challenging. But it isn’t for children. (You might be able remember a time when you could play make-believe for hours on end.)

It has also been said that children (the younger the better) might actually be able to see guardian angels. In any case, they will probably be game for learning some techniques for tapping into the peace and support of their guardian angels. You just need to give them the tools.

So, how can you start to establish this with them? Making it part of a nighttime ritual is your best bet. Of course bedtime stories are included! Let’s go beyond that to creating a peaceful space around their bed.

Help them to choose images or some representation of peace for them. It could very well be a statue or picture of an angel. But it could also be a heart, a flower, a dove… It should resonate with them and make them feel good. Explain that this is part of their “peaceful place.”

Voices are quieter in the peaceful place. We take more time to just listen. Our guardian angels are around, and if we pay attention, we might feel their presence. You can mention some of the clues we’ve talked about, or—better yet—ask them if they’ve noticed any signs of guardian angels. You might be delighted by what you hear. (We would love to hear them too. Why don’t you let us know what they said!)

Teach them quiet. They can perceive much more in a peaceful quiet place. (Not to mention unwind from the day and get ready for healthy sleep.)

When saying prayers at bedtime, our angel is right next to us. Remind them that their angel is always with them, and that even in scary times, they can revisit their peaceful place in their mind and know that their angel will help them through.

Going to sleep in the peaceful place will lead to wonderful dreams and rest that will have them ready for the adventures of the next day!