5 Star Rating in Children’s Books Category ~ Angels on Your Pillow 

Not Just a Book for Kids

We spend almost 1/3 or our lives in dreamland. Yet, we don’t pay much attention to what is happening there.

Our dreams can reveal truths, wisdom and insights if we learn to listen to them.

Keeping a dream journal is recognized (even by Psychology Today) as the best way to get at the deeper meaning of our dreams.

Keeping a dream journal would be a great resolution to start in 2018. It works best when done regularly.

Here are some more tips:

  • Start back to the first dreams you can remember. Did you have recurring dreams as a child? Write everything you can remember about them.
  • Keep your journal and pen right by your bed, and grab it as soon as you wake up. Our dreams slip away so quickly.
  • If you remember details (no matter how seemingly trivial) write them down. If you don’t, don’t worry. Just write down anything you can remember.
  • Date each entry and make of the quality of sleep you had that night, such as “restless,” “tense,” “peaceful.” It is likely that your quality of sleep will improve as you keep at this.
  • If you find that writing them is too tedious or time consuming, just talk into the memo notes on your phone. You can transcribe them at the end of the week.
  • When you look back at them, do you notice any recurring themes? This could be a message or something that your brain has been working on. Could be something that you’re too busy to pay attention to during the day.

When you go back and read your dreams after a few days or weeks, try to distance yourself and see if you can see any patterns and themes. Could the dreams have titles? What would they be? Don’t think too hard, but do any associations come to you?

Reading books about dream interpretation can be insightful. Sometimes telling dreams to a trusted friend or partner could expose things that you didn’t see at first. There are even dream groups where people get good at asking the right questions to help each other reveal more insights to their dreams.

We are too bombarded during the day to listen to what our angels are telling us, but at night, they have a clear channel. Open it up and pay attention to it!!


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