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Counting your WBM’s

5 Star Rating in Children's Books Category ~ Angels on Your Pillow Not Just a Book for Kids. We definitely have Wealth Beyond Measure, but what a fun activity to actually try to name and count it! We know how easy it is to get caught up with all the challenges of...

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Be Someone’s Angel…

Angels on Your Pillow ~ Not Just a Book for Kids Show your children that we can be angels here on earth by passing on God’s love through our thoughtful actions towards others. Our angels want us to learn from them. They protect and love us even when things are tough....

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We want to hear them too! We know angel stories come in all shapes and sizes. We’d love to hear your angel story and please include any photos or artwork.

Here is one from Trish M. in Jacksonville, FL who purchased a copy of Angels on Your Pillow for her 6 year old granddaughter Sofia who in Trish’s words, “Was kissed by an angel at birth.” Trish said, “Sofia was born with a cowlick (under her bangs) so, right there on Sofia’s pretty little forehead is where the angels kiss her.”