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An aha moment I’d like to share…

I woke up today with the letters WBM in my head and a warm calm feeling in my heart. 

As my morning progressed, I continued to think about the letters WMB and what they might represent. Shooing our dog off the bed so I could do the simple task of making my bed made me smile and feel a ping of enlightenment. Grateful for having a warm safe bed, even more grateful for the unconditional love from my four-legged friends and of course for the amazing and loving people in my life were the first things I thought about – BUT…

My mind raced… Do the letters WBM have to do with the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse that occurred today? Another ping of love and satisfaction washed over me as that thought crossed my mind. The universe is so amazing. Wow! Double WOW!

Google to the rescue… Not so much… The acronyms that I found on line for WBM had nothing to do what I felt. “White Boy Mafia” LOL what does that even mean? Way Back Machine? (Help me Mr. Wizard!)

Usually I start my work day by lighting a candle and saying a little prayer of gratitude. But guess what… today with the letters WBM larger than life in my head, I noticed that I forgot to welcome God’s light into my day and to give thanks. No biggie, I simply lit my pretty little candle and thanked God for His love and for my many blessings.

As I sat still for a moment, the word wealth came into my mind. With a smile on my face, I said, “Wealth, that’s a good word; what else ya got?” Next the word beyond popped into my head. I thought to myself okay, we’re getting somewhere… wealth beyond but beyond what? Wealth beyond my pencil jar? LOL. Then for some strange reason, I plucked a plastic ruler from said pencil jar and held it with both hands. Rulers are used to measure things and suddenly I knew that the M word in my mystery acronym is MEASURE.

What a treasure…God’s great love is wealth beyond measure. We all have wealth beyond measure!

NOTE: Ideas and activities on how to teach WBM (wealth beyond measure) to children is the topic of our next blog which will post in about two weeks. We plan to do two blogs per month and would love your feedback and topic suggestions.